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Grundy, Virginia's Home Page
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Buchanan County's Free Classified Marketplace

Grundy, Virginia Free Classified Marketplace

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Classified ads are free for everyone in Buchanan County, Virginia. Place as many as you like, anytime you like.

Please note: Every ad must contain a local phone number, address and/or email address. This service is for people in Buchanan County, Virginia only. We try to be reasonable about this. An ad selling a house in Grundy with an Abingdon phone number, for example, wouldn't be automatically rejected.

These classified ads are moderated, which means that your ad will not appear until approved by the moderator. This usually takes 6 to 12 hours, but can sometimes take longer (even moderators have a life). The following will be immediately rejected:

  • Porn, racial or religious inuendo, inciting violence, language that would offend your grandmother or mine, other patently offensive content.
  • Scams, idiotic and otherwise: Make money fast, address envelopes at home, get paid to watch TV, etc.
  • Pyramid scams, chain letters, and pretty much anything else a postal inspector would consider illegal.

Other than that, advertise anything you want to buy or sell in Buchanan County, Virginia and have fun!

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To place your ad, just fill in the blanks and click "PREVIEW AD" at the bottom of the form to see how it looks. You'll be able to make any corrections or changes you want on the next screen.

Body Here's where you describe what you're selling. Be detailed! Don't forget to include the price, if appropriate.

Tell people how to reach you. This line must include at least one local phone number, one local email address or one local street address.


Choose a category from the drop-down menu. If you can't find the one you want, type a new one in the "New Category" box. Category names must be 24 characters or less in length. Category names may contain letters and numbers, word spaces, and slashes ("/").

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Grundy, Virginia's Home Page

Grundy, Virginia's Home Page

Grundy, Virginia's Home Page

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